Monday, 31 October 2011

Chaos in the bag department

What started as a hunt for a bag big enough - to accommodate the disastrous amount I have no carry around with me on a daily basis - turned into a mad bag browsing excursion.

Here are a few - and I stress a 'FEW' - of the bags that knocked me off my feet;

Buy here
Mark Jacobs £639

But here
Moschino £170

Buy here
Moschino £484

Buy here
Moschino £165

As it may have become quite clear, I have found myself drawn to Moschino bags. They are TOO cute. I wish I could afford them, but just looking at them will do. Why can the high street not recreate bags like these? I don't care if they're leather or suede. Just make me these bags and sell them cheaply to me please! 

Having said that, I have found myself a solid contender for just £50 on the high street. However, as much as I tell myself it's as good as these purse-draining beauties, the reality is that it simple is not.

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