Sunday, 13 May 2012

OOPS! Impulse buys...

It's been another one of those days where suddenly my card details make their way on screen and a few minutes later I realise that I've just spent money I don't technically have...

But I remember my reasoning now. See, too many times have things been delivered which then look crap on me. So I end up never getting anything, as they go straight back to the shop. So the idea was that I order loads and then send most back.

Here are the picks, all available from, along with the reasons why I chose them:


  •  Love the shorter at the front, longer at the back thing. Definitely perfect for some days in the park, when sitting down in certain dresses can lead to unlawful exposure of self.
  • Wrap dress - great for the hourglass figure as it draws attention to the waist area.
  • Monochrome means that I could either wear it with or without black tights depending on the weather!
  • For some reason I like the murky brown colour.
  • Looking like a bug = good.
  • Scarf print is big at the moment and I'm not too keen on a lot of it. That's until I saw this! The red, yellow and white mix of colours is very nice and not too in-your-face.
  • Again, nice rouching at the waist, to prevent looking like a sack of potatoes.
  • Could either be dressed up or down with either leggings, a bodycon skirt or shorts.
  • I'm in love with polka dots.
  • The blue and white is an ultra cute combination. Not the usual 'me' look, but I really fell in love with the overall dress.
  • Love the wrap detailing - I think that's really flattering for figures like mine (hourglass). This dress would probably be particularly flattering for pear shapes due to its puffed sleeves. However, I'm in love with puffed sleeves anyway, even if they do make my shoulders look wider than they already are!

  • Those who know me are probably thinking 'Aah! Classic Jasmin!' YEP! That's right, another cute 50's style dress... What's not to love?
  • Monochrome: tick! Draws attention to the waist: tick! Cute: tick!
  • When I first saw this, I have to say I was a little confused - as you probably are now! However, I think this dress could be either a hit or miss situation...
  • I envisage wearing it with a thin black waist belt, fat gold studs and my hair up in a bun or ponytail. We shall see, we shall see!
  • Eek! How cute are these? I'm so in love! Here's why...
  • Personally, I'm all about the accessories. The colour of red is so gorgeous, and the velvet texture makes a nice change - all in all definitely making the shoes a statement piece. 
  • I'm a fan of the chunky shoe look, personally I think I would look odd dilly-dallying around in slender kitten heels - so these are perfect! Plus they're platforms, which means for shorties like me, they're our best friend :)
Which item is your favourite?

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