Friday, 19 October 2012

STYLE SECRETS: Winter accessories

Unable to rely on fierce colours to keep your wardrobe happy? Don't have enough money to keep buying a new dress each week? 

Winter - with it's black and grey tones - is a hard season to dress for on a low budget. Don't do it right and you could end up looking as drab as the sky above you. 

That's what makes winter accessories so important. So I'm going to share my secrets with you...

If you invest in the right accessories, you can mix and match them with the plain, winter-friendly garments you already have in your wardrobe - which makes keeping up your fashionista image much simpler!

Here's a list of they key items you need to get you through:

#1 A BAG

Firstly, you need a decent bag. Black bags are lovely, elegant and classy. They go with everything, so you won't have to change bags permanently either. 

When you're choosing a black winter bag, look out for those with statement features - you don't want it looking like 'yet another black bag'. You also want a bag which is big enough to fit your winter essentials, such as gloves and tissues for the inevitable sniffles.

Try this one:

TOPSHOP, £32 - buy here
Incorporating black, white and gold, this bag will compliment any outfit without dictating what you have to wear with it!


Investing in a snood is the best way to keep your neck warm this winter. The simplicity of putting them on saves the hassle of wrapping a long scarf around your neck a million times and stuffing the excess down your coat.  

Treat your snood as if it's a statement necklace. A warm statement necklace. It's no use wearing a snood which hangs down your chest and doesn't even cover your neck. 

Assuming that you have a black coat - as most people do - a scarf of the opposite colour can give your coat an edge.

Try this one: 

TOPSHOP, £25 - buy here
Seriously fluffy and super soft, this snood will go with any colour, suit any outfit and keep you warm!


Tights are my best friend! It's often hard to remember to look in hoisery sections of shops, as you're too busy checking out the latest garments on offer. But the search pays off!

For me, it's my key accessory. Tights come in so many different patterns, prints and fabrics. They can completely change your 'look' even if you're wearing the same black jumper dress you were 2 days ago!

Start by buying yourself a pair of tights in each of your favourite winter colours. For me it's got to be burgundy and navy blue. Then branch out to different patterns and fabrics.

Try these:

Jonathan Aston Heritage Carnaby Tights, £15 - buy here


Same as tights - you need a good bank of belts to spice up anything. In my wardrobe I have 5 belts: black, gold, red, brown and studded. However, it really is down to your favourite winter colours.

I'm a fan of thin belts but get whatever suits you - thin, fat, whatever!

Here's a suggestion

River Island, £15 - buy here


Statement jewellery is a must during winter. If you're entire body is covered from toe to neck, the least you can do is show some earring. Think big, chunky and bright - so they stand out!

Try these: 

Forever 21, £5.65 - buy here
Those are my winter fashion secrets! What are yours?

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