Sunday, 11 August 2013

Soulful Sunday Soundtrack

Sunday is that one day a week which I think everyone should keep for themselves. At least for the most part. It's a time where I think it's important to be alone, reflect and just enjoy doing whatever the hell it is YOU want.

My Sundays almost always begin with a lie in. This will be followed by a massive Sunday lunch and a couple of glasses of wine with family. From then on you will find me locked in my room enjoying the company of yours truly.

I'm looking up random crap on Google. Pinning on Pinterest. Eating peanut butter. Impulse buying from ASOS. Scanning Facebook. Dreaming of the interior of my future home. Reflecting on past events. The list never ends.

They're such miniscule activities, but I wouldn't underestimate them. Everyone needs time to escape that inevitable rush of life. Or before you know it, the tide will have sucked you in and you'll wake up one day in your 30s thinking: Who am I, where am I and how did I get here?

So before I go too deep into my ramblings (as you can see I am already 'in the zone') I'll let you in on the most important part of my Sundays. And that is, the perfect soundtrack!

Below is a selection of tunes which make up my 'Soulful Sunday Soundtrack'. Have a listen and you might just end up stepping into the zone with me...

1. Begin with a little something you can scream along to and release any built up frustration you may have conjured up through the week:

2. You heard; Let it all go!

3. Turn your frown upside down, it's time for a gentle bop:

4. Next, turn up the volume, loosen up and dance around your room to this:

5. Now slow down your groove. And remember, you're the hottest thing in the world right now:
*WARNING: Explicit content*

6. Ok chill out. It's Sunday, remember?

7. Let's get a little reflective:

8. And now, just keep it loud and let the music speak for itself:

9. Let it get under your skin:

10. And if you're still not QUITE in the zone, shut your eyes and listen to this song:

Got any suggestions to add to my Sunday soundtrack?
Let me know in the comments
box below :)


  1. I like to opt for a bit of Bob Marley - Iron Lion Zion, followed by some deep and insightful Eminem tracks from his early collection :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous! Gotta love a bit of Bob Marley :)