Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Katy B: Crying for no reason

Since Katy B released her debut single as a garage and funky house singer in DJ NG's 2008 'Tell Me', hours of my time have gladly been stolen by her voice. Now as I write this blog, the singer's latest Soundcloud post 'Crying for no reason' has already claimed 44 minutes and counting...

From the first we heard of her in 2008, good ol' Katy B from Peckham has flowed with the tide of mainstream party music. She's dabbled with a multitude of subgenres, including dubstep in her 2010 'Katy on a mission', and a bit of house in her recent single, '5am'.

The track which I have now developed an addiction to, 'Crying for no reason', is quite different. It was first broadcast on Radio 1 as part of Zane Lowe's Sessions. Check it out:

Not quite what you expected? Me neither...

'Crying for no reason' is an immense piano-led power ballad - quite a swing in the opposite direction of Katy B's usual dance tracks. It displays a whole new side to her which, quite franky, I'M LOVING!

There is also a studio version of this track available, however I've chosen to post this live version as I think it truely captures the deep emotional tension in her words. Not just like any other pop star belting out yet another song about a failed relationship...

Katy B is singing about something which I think ALL of us are guilty of; letting things build up inside without expressing them. Then, inevitably, the day will come where everything you've kept inside will come crashing to the forefront. You've had days where you've been dying inside, yet you've covered it up with a smile, haven't you?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a depressed, angst-filled person, but I do appreciate a bit of emotion. And Katy B's 'Crying for no reason' really hit the spot. Just love it.

...And if you love it as much as I do, you'll be glad to hear Katy B will be releasing a new album, 'Little Red', in February next year!

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