Friday, 9 November 2012

Does life just feel like one big game?

If so, turn to Lauryn Hill. She is an absolutely inspiration to me. Not just because I love her music. Hear me out… 

I may not believe in God in the same way as she does. I don’t aspire to be just like her. But I agree with the vast majority of her very considered and well thought-out ranting that features in her MTV Unplugged No.2 album of 1992.

Anyone that has spent 24 hours with me will have been subjected to at least a song or two of Lauryn’s. She keeps me sane. I find her meaningful lyrics and chatter so refreshing, instead of the usual “you sexy, I sexy, let’s do it” malarkey.

She constantly talks of “reality” and life lessons that she’s learnt… Whilst she still takes to the stage, she has now ‘retired’ from being a performer. 

One of her most inspiration songs is ‘I Get Out’ which is about her no longer compromising and repressing her true inner self for other people:

‘I get out’ is directed towards the record company Lauryn was under. How it was in their best interests for her not to be herself. To sell records. To go far. 

I think we can apply Lauryn’s lyrics to all situations.   

But is that really how you should be living your life? One big game, parade, facade of false perfection? 

Instead of trying to be something you’re not to feel accepted, why not just be yourself? You will still be liked! Stop trying so hard to be what you think people want you to be. 

I think everyone’s guilty of this in some place or other. Even in the simplest instances… Refusing to leave the house without makeup, for example.

Face it. No one looks their best without a lashing of mascara. That is reality.

In the words of Ms Hill: “Fantasy is what people want when reality is what people need.”

Don't you agree?

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