Monday, 25 February 2013

Musical meds: Elli Ingram

I've been frustrated recently. It's been a while since I've found a piece of music which has hit me hard. That's until I stumbled upon the track 'Poetic Justice' by Elli Ingram...

I often find myself toying around with a multitude of tracks all of the same genre. Each one somewhat resembles the other...  

Sometimes I'm lazy like that. I just get sick of the same tune all the time and go find myself a 'same same but different' one to keep me partially sane.

But tonight - well I was bouncing around from track to track on Soundcloud... Then out of the blue this tune randomly started playing?!  

How odd. Dr Soundcloud clearly knew I needed some musical medication, I see!

And this is what he prescribed:  


This musical beauty, produced by Felix Joseph & Rudi Redz, mixes jazzy vibes and hiphop with the most satisfying proportions. 

It's got everything I need. Bass. Beats. Umph. And I must admit - I'm a sucker for gentle female vocals with the appropriate levels of sass. 


So thank you Dr Soundcloud... <3 you more and more each day!

Will you be checking out more of Elli Ingram?

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