Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sort your home out on a budget

'New year, new start' was often said in the first month or so of 2013, but how can you start fresh when you haven't updated your home since the dark ages? It may be mid-February ALREADY, but here are 5 simple steps to revitalise your essential living spaces... Let's face it, you probably hadn't got round to doing anything yet anyway! 

STEP 1: De-clutter

Get rid of all your junk. Come on, really? Are you ever going to wear, see, hold or use that ever again? Only if you're moving house in the future, most probably! 

So get rid of it. Car boot sale, Ebay, Charity Shop, whatever - there's plenty of ways to get rid of your endless amounts of crap. Free space, free mind!

STEP 2: Paint

First thing to attack is your walls. You'll most likely have accumulated a load of hand prints, coffee drips, perhaps even puke on your walls. Get it the hell off! 

If washing them doesn't work, re-painting them is your only option. Often a new lick of paint can brighten a place up instantly anyhow. 

For god's sake don't have a heart attack at the prospect of picking up a paint brush! First, invite your friends, relatives, extended friends group - you name it - over to your house. 

Then, disguise the event as some sort of super-fun social gathering and ask them to wear their most imaginative binbag fancy dress outfits. No risk of them claiming they're not wearing the right clothes then is there? Who said anything about deception? It'll be fun anyway!

Next, have a look at your furniture. Is it old, scratched and/or just generally obscene? Get some damn paint on them too! Or even just some gloss to refresh them! I hate that feeling of worn, oldness. This will instantly elliminate that.

After all, bad furniture can make a decent, mould-free house somehow conjure up a smell of dirt in our minds. So get to it.

STEP 3: Hang

Your walls may now be clean and fresh, but are they lifeless, with no pictures, nothing? The 'bare' look may suit the baby's bottoms featured in Pamper's adverts, but not your walls! Get some damn pictures on them. 

All you need is a few decent posters, a frame in a contrasting colour to the picture itself (don't you dare stick the poster straight on the wall - yuck!), hammer in a nail and hang it up. Simple!

Make sure every room has one large statement picture, or a variety of small ones.

STEP 4: Reupholster

If your sofa and chair covers are dirty, gross, and/or dated, get them reupholstered. It shouldn't cost much and will make a huge difference to your home. 

Plus, stick a few cushions in contrasting colours and fabrics to the sofa and throw them on. This will instantly brighten the room up.

If however your cushion covers are as disgusting as your sofas and chairs, you can easily get some new ones for cheap cheap cheap. My favourite places to buy home wares are H&M home, ZARA home, and even sometimes Ebay!

STEP 5: Get new sheets

If you've been hanging on to the same bed sheets for years it's time for a new set! That's like spending years in the same town and never venturing out; same stuff, all day, every day, nothing new - BLEUGH! If you live with other people, your bedroom is your sanctuary. New bed sheets are the icing on the cake and can work wonders with how you feel too!

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