Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shock horror: Valentine's Day approaches

Valentine's Day approaches once again my friends, and as usual the entire population of the western world commences into frenzy mode. To put things straight, I've responded to a few common reaction to the fateful day. Enjoy!


So which number best describes you right now?

1. A depressed person collating a list of potential places to commit suicide?

Chill out. First things first you should never be relying on a relationship to keep you happy. You must first learn to be happy within yourself, way before any other person can join the picture.

Maybe that's why you haven't met anyone yet? You have to have 'me love' before you can have 'I love', or you'll be plagued by jelousy in relationships!

Either way, being down all the time is unattractive. Sure, we all have our insecurities, but a fundamental thing to keep a relationship going is being able to make each other happy. Even if it's just the tiniest little thing. 

Try thinking of the people in your life who DO love you - your family, your friends... Why not spend time and develop amazing relationships with them first?

2. A singleton signing up to dating sites in an attempt to fix a Valentine's Day date at some cringey single-person's-bar?

Again... Valentine's Day is just any old day. If you're serious about being in a relationship then you should be actively doing something about that, yes, but not just for Valentine's Day!

A girlfriend is not just for Valentine's Day!

3. Pooing your pants over whether or not to sign the Valentine's card to the person you're lusting after with your real name, or simply 'your valentine'?

Yeah, OK, everyone gets nervous. But what on earth is the point in giving someone a Valentine's card without revealing who you are? 

If you're serious about this person then what are you waiting for? How are things going to move forward if they have no idea how you feel?

Sign your damn name!

If you're worried they're going to be horrible to you then why would you want to be with them anyway?! 

4. Containing your excitement for receiving loads of gifts and compliments every year without fail? 'Hooray, I'm so in demand.' 

Lucky you! You can't help that you're a gorgeous, beautiful person. Just don't go rubbing it in other people's faces. Bitch.
5. A 'taken' girl shopping 24/7 for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? 'Any excuse to shop - yippee!'

Gifts, gifts and more gifts are great. But remember, Valentine's Day isn't just about showering your lover with gifts! You should be trying to make your boyfriend happy every day of the year.

6. A 'taken' guy freaking out over where to take your girlfriend and hoping this isn't the year you're expected to propose?

Do something on the day which you both enjoy! Sure, every girl likes to be wined and dined, but don't think it HAS to be a fancy, expensive restaurant.

Me and James went into London last year looking for a nice place to eat and ended up in Pizza Hut. We had an awesome evening! 

Just because you're trying to show your love doesn't mean you have to start acting like a rich bitch. If she's cool, then you shouldn't have to try and be something you're not. If you're right for eachother, even the most low-key date should be fun!

As for the proposal, don't give in to that crap unless you genuinely both want to.

If you love her and you're happy then what on earth is marriage going to do to help you? Check out my blog 'May Alarm bells ring on the most hypocritical day of your life' for more on how I feel about marriage.


If you're single, who cares? Let it ride. Stick with people who do love you. The rest will come in time.

And to those in relationships: It's not about the dinner date. It's not about the size of the card. For Christ's sake, it's about having a great time with the one you love!

I honestly think Valentine's Day means the most to couples who have survived a really tough year together... The ones who come to the realisation that they've been neglecting the person they love, and then decide to make it 'Valentine's Day' every fortnight. Even if it's just setting the time aside to cuddle up in front of the TV together!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below :)


  1. Nice post. I get your reasoning. I see valentines day as a special day to celebrate your love for one another. Doesn't mean you don't treat eachother right or appreciate eachother the rest of the year and let your other half no how much they mean to you. It just means that for one day you can let the whole world know how much you care if you want to. And if you don't want too thats ok too. Theres a lot of hype around it but I just say each to their own :) xxo

  2. Thanks for your comment :). No doubt Valentine's Day is a nice excuse to do something with someone special - it is a big talking point between friends and stuff - but I just don't think it should be taken quite as seriously as a lot of people do... And definitely not as a competition as to how much you love someone depending on the gifts and what you do on the day... :) xxXx