Sunday, 24 March 2013

Let's kill grey.

I am so sick of the gloomy weather right now. It's actually affecting my mental health. So it's about time we took the situation into our own hands and killed the grey...

The weather seems to think that summer is never going to happen. That's unacceptable. Seriously - are your just going to sit there and let the weather get away with this?!

No! Let us rebel!

We shall not stand for this any longer! If the weather wont make it sunny, we must take the situation into our own hands.

Let's face it. This is pretty much our only option. I'm sorry it has had to come to this.

... But it has.

Strip out all signs of grey from your wardrobe. Throw it out! Seriously, that stuff is depressed.

In order to be a positive person, you must surround yourself with positive things. Grey is bad for your mental stability.

Now I demand that we all start wearing colour. As much as possible. Right away.

We've got to dress as much like it's summer as we possibly can - taking the circumstances into consideration, of course.

The aim: To make the world a happier place by cheering people up as you pass them on the street. So here's 4 ways of injecting colour into your look:

Same garments, brighter colours...

  • Pink jeans are a yes. Jeans are jeans after all. The colour of them doesn't make them any hotter/colder. So wear ones in happy colours.
  • Chunky knits are necessary in this freezing coldness. Wearing a white chunky knit will keep your outfit bright, whilst keeping you snugly warm at the same time! It's the perfect choice.

  • All hail opaque black tights...

  • Dig the summer clothes out of your wardrobe and dress like it's 30 degrees outside.
  • Now stick on some 80 denier opaque lack tights. Voila! Perfection.

  • It's summer if your hair says so... 

  • If you don't want to buy new colourful clothes and you hate your old ones, dying the crap out of your hair is definitely the answer!
  • A box of dye usually only costs around a fiver. Get a permanent one and you'll never be sad again. Happy days!

  • Take action now! And remember - if you're thinking of picking out something grey to wear tomorrow, you'll make people around you depressed. That's screwed up. You better think again...

    Will you be brightening the lives of everyone around you from now on?! 

    Let me know your thoughts in the 
    comments box below :)


    1. Aww this post is lovely ! I have always wanted to dye my hair brighter but have always been far too scared!!

      If you have a moment i'd love you to check out my award winning blog and enter my Not On The High Street giveaway here!

      Shona x

    2. Thanks Shona! I know what you mean. It's the kind of thing you never quite get round to 'cause you're too scared it'll go wrong. I say just go for it though :)

      Will definitely check out your blog too :)
      Jasmin xx