Sunday, 10 March 2013

Make good of a bad situation

I have an absolutely gorgeous, bubbly blonde friend. Her name is Sam Denny, and this post is dedicated to her!

A very young Sam and her Dad
So last year my gorgeous babycake Sam lost one of the people she loved most.
It happened so fast. First came the terrible news, almost out of nowhere, that her Dad had been admitted to hospital. Sam was heartbroken, understandably. But no one expected the terrible news of him having Cancer coming next.

On 20th September 2011 Sam’s Dad sadly passed away. It won’t come as any surprise that Sam was left in pieces.

It was a horrible time. It felt hard enough for those around Sam, including myself. It really hurts when someone so close to you goes through a terrible ordeal that you have no control over. Nothing you say or do can possibly make the situation better.

Sam was traumatised. She had spent nearly every night in the lead up sleeping at her Dad’s bedside in hospital, ridden with anxiety - just waiting for the inevitable.

It was unavoidable that it was something which Sam would have to go through. It’s impossible to imagine what it was like for her - unless you’ve been through a similar situation, of course. Perhaps you have?

Luckily I haven’t. But as they say, you never know what the future will bring…

Nearly a year on and Sam has made it! She’s back on track and going strong!

She’s returned to Uni to finish her degree. Plus, she works a part time job as a Sales & Finance Executive in London on the side! I am SO proud of her!

And THIS April 27th, on Sam's Dad’s birthday, she’ll be swimming a whopping 5k for Marie Curie Cancer Care! It’s all in an effort to make sure that people like me and you don’t have to suffer in the same way that she did.

So please, sponsor Sam and help make all her efforts worthwhile. Just imagine if it were you in her situation. Make good of the bad situation she’s had to go through. Put a smile on her pretty face; there really is nothing that would mean more to her!

Simply visit her Just Giving page here, or text "SAMD80" followed by the amount "£XX" to 70070. Don’t forget to follow her progress in her swim blog by clicking here.

Thank you so much :)

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