Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cyber bullying is sick

"9 weeks [in prison] ... Well what's that?"

He's right. Nimrod Severn, a notorious cyber bullying troll, is right. 9 weeks - for hauling horrific abuse at innocent people, causing undue distress and in some cases suicide - is absolutely SOD all. 

This has all come after watching this weeks BBC Panorama - 'Hunting the Internet Bullies'. What can I say? I am absolutely sickened. 

These kinds of actions ruin peoples lives. It's just not funny. Upsetting people who you don't know, and for no reason other than for your own sickening satisfaction, is revolting. 


Take more minor cases such as that of Cher Lloyd. Yeah, so her music isn't exactly my cup of tea. In fact, it does my head in every time it comes on the radio. 

I could think she was a fake, horrible, individual. That she's "chav scum". That her music is worse than the baby that constantly cries in the flat below me. That her face makes me gag. 

True? False? Who gives two chickens.

These are things you discuss with your friends. Fine. Acceptable. Everyone talks about everyone at the end of the day. It's a fact of life.

But harassing someones personal social networking pages to make them feel bad? To make them cry? To make them commit suicide? And then feel a sense of self-worth as a result? 
That deserves much more than a petty 9 week prison sentence. Go die. 


  1. Well said Jasmin, well said.

  2. I have been trying for the last 10 minutes to write a compliment about your short article concerning cyber-bullying and I'm lost for words. It was sharp, moving, angry, to the point and amazingly easy to agree with. Well said Jasmin and well...grown up!

  3. Cyber bullying makes the person sick and depressed that no one likes him and sometime the pressure is so much that some can suicide.Free internet monitoring software