Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Feb fashion wish list

You could find it boring, but I'm all about black and white - with a touch of colour. Having said that, the only colours I do wear (other than in extreme circumstances) are red, blue and gold. 

Don't believe me? 

Come to my flat and find out; red and blue pop art, french style painting, red beanbag, red pillows, black cushions, white sheets. 

So don't be surprised that everything I'm N-double E-D-ing right now conforms to this. So here we are. The contents of a usual shopping spraul with a basket totalling, well, £464 - much less than usual, at least! Not that I actually buy anything, sadly :(

£20 - Loving the lace!

£25 - Simple and flattering for those with non-matchstick figures. Not too low on the leg. Would be gorge with a little red belt and the lace top (above).

£16 - Love my geometric prints.

£25 - Classic, gorgeous.

£25 - Love the zebre/heart design!

£25 - Haven't tried maxi skirts yet as I can't find them in my style, but I'm loving this one.

£30 - Simple, but flattering. Especially for big booties - where it's hard to get away with high waisted! Trousers that only dabble in the high waisted department suck. But these look perfect.

£20 - Snuggle up for all those early morning lectures.

Team any of these with:

£75 - It's all about the chunky heel, yummy.
£75 - Mega envy - same colour as my old, beloved vintage bag which broke on me!!

£55 - Who cares if you walk like an idiot? I do... But these are HOT! 

£25 - Classy stuff, but whatever you do, don't match the shoes and bag. I disapprove.

£25 - I'm a big fan of toy watches. With the addition of gold - this is LOVE :)
Please feel free to buy me any of these, hehe! Size 10, please? 

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