Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Juicy swimsuits

Oh my! Never before have I seen such deliciously scrumptious swimsuits in my life. With 50s inspired prints and cuts, they are to DIE for. 

Juicy Couture have done well. So nice on the eye... yet so nasty on the wallet. Oh well! They're worth daydreaming over.

Now the above, my friends, is my all time favourite swimsuit, of... wait for it... ALL time! This is so incredibly Marilyn Monroe. 

It embodies all the characteristics that - I believe - are what women are/should be all about. Feminine, playful and down right sexy! You don't get a much more flattering swimsuit colour for olive skin either. £172 - Asos

So... that's what I thought until I found this mofo. Ooh lala! Love the cut. Love the rouch. Love the belt. Love the cherries. 

It really is a tough call between this one and the one above it. If I had the funds, I would have both - but perfection doesn't come cheap I'm afraid! £200 - Asos 

Sometimes I find skirt detailing on swimsuits can be a little childish. However, with the lovely rouch all over the suit, this is good enough to wear out (if you're a little out there, that is). 

This is more of a cut for smaller breasts, however. Those who are well equipped in that department may find a 'bulging over the top' situation occurring - oops! £182 - Asos


  1. The first one is ridiculously gorgeous.

    1. You're definitely right! I would definitely buy the white one first come to think of it - it's just something you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else... xxx