Saturday, 26 January 2013

A terrible start to 2013 menswear trends

Following my previous post 'Women Should Wear the Trousers' I now feel urged to challenge what is APPARENTLY now acceptable legwear for men...

I'll start by explaining how the apparent 'trend' has come about...
  • Once upon a time someone invented tights without feet. They called them leggings. Women wore them under their skirts and dresses.
  • One day, some slut decided that since leggings had no feet, they were pretty much trousers. 'Less is more, right?'
  • Well, the trend soon caught on, and before we knew it even the most obese pink-thong-wearing women were wearing them too. Yeah, I know for a fact it was pink. I could see everything.
  • So then some bright spark decided to make leggings look like jeans. Clever clogs! They called them 'jeggings'.
  • Before long, even trousers came in legging-form, under the name 'treggings'.

Now... low and behold, someone has decided to take things one step further and offer the very same stretchy concoctions for the likes of men:

Oh dear.

Conveniently enough they go by the name 'meggings'. How original. Will every letter of the alphabet soon become an affix for some sort of '-eggings'?

Anyhow, according to the Telegraph they are "taking the fashion world by storm". Some news that is! Why can't the papers only print happy stories, huh?!

Personally, guys in skin tight clothes freak me out altogether. 

I've never been overly keen on a guy in skinny jeans. Me and the 'muscle man wearing UNDERsized All Saints t-shirt' trend never quite hit it off either.

Did any ladies actually enjoy such guilt-free exposure of men's bodies? Hmm.

Either way, meggings definitely take things way too far in my opinion. The 'if you've got it, flaunt it' rule should NOT apply to men’s, ahem, packages.

Eugh. Cringe. Icky...

Take men in Speedos. Hot? Nooo!

Put it away! I don't want to see that! It's always old men or cocky, body-confident, arrogant guys that wear speedos too - which makes things even worse. Double yuck.

Women wear tight fitting clothes all the time, I know... But men just shouldn't, OK?

That's my opinion. Does it make me sexist?

I do hate to judge on first impressions. But guys, unless you're some performance act - like the frontman of The Correspondents or The Darkness - then just don't go there. Please <3

And ladies, just answer me one question:

Would you date a guy who wore meggings?

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  1. Men shouldn't be wearing pants this tight unless they're doing a sport. Even then, it's not a good look!!! EWWW