Monday, 21 January 2013

Women should wear the trousers

If women can wear the trousers in our relationships, why not wear them on our legs? No, not jeans. Not leggings. Trousers, darling, trousers...

Right now I think us women are a little too carried away with dresses, dresses, and more dresses. I, for one, don't like to dress the same as every other woman on the planet.

Reset your habits and open your wardrobe up to trousers.

I'm not telling you to cut out dresses completely. Why would I say that? But trousers are the way forward.

Whether it's for a daytime date, evening dinner, or an all-nighter, trousers can be worn on ANY occasion.

After all, people who abide by the following are just plain boring:
  • daytime = floral dress or t-shirt/ jeans, pumps
  • evening = cocktail dress/ court shoes
  • all-nighter = short, tight dress/ same old classic court shoes, or up-the-bum shorts/ cropped vest top
The way that a lot of women dress when they're on all-nighters does really wind me up sometimes. Why dress like the prostitutes I saw around Asia? Sure, you want to look sexy. But you also want to look classy, sophisticated and fashionable, right? Maybe even a little bit edgy?

So here's some inspiration from some super cool fashionistas on to show you how fabulous you could look in trousers:


All you have to do now: HEAD OVER TO MY 'TROUSERS' BOARD ON PINTEREST. You will find all of my favourite trustworthy 'trews' available online. Just click on the images of the trousers you like and you will be re-directed to the site of purchase. So now you too don't always have to look like yet another girl in a pretty frock!

Will trousers be making more of an appearance in your wardrobe from now on? Let me know your thoughts :)

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