Thursday, 10 January 2013

AlunaGeorge makes my ears tingle

Seeking something to satisfy my constant craving for new sounds, I came across the gorgeous AlunaGeorge, a honey-scented musical shower of refreshment for the ears.

AlunaGeorge's sweet-as-candy voice juxtaposed with strong bass, set on a backdrop of delicate beats and chilled-yet-funky rhythms is just delicious. 

Check this one out:

Gahhh!!! So beautiful. It really does make my ears tingle. It gets under my skin.

See... I love coming across new artists. I could search for hours before I find something truly yummy. The discovery of AlunaGeorge just reinforces the fact that, other than oxygen, food, water and sleep, I actually couldn't live without music.

I'm practically high on music right now.

So thank you, AlunaGeorge. And please, when you get big, don't start releasing generic crap. Mwah <3
What do you think of AlunaGeorge?

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