Saturday, 16 April 2011

D is for desperate

Never before in my life have I experienced such levels of desperation before. Now, having lived in Southampton, a small city (that's more like a town, really) which has been taken over by a large community of students, it has got to the point now where, quite frankly, I am shocked. 

On my initial arrival, yes, I was pretty disgusted by the fact that a sign of a good night out for most people around here is getting so drunk they can't see, meeting Mr Perfect (he wants it too, hooray) going back to their place, being sick, having sex, and being sick again. 

Dancing in a club with your friends is one thing, seeing people in clubs sticking their tongues down eachother's throats - yep, I can deal with that. 

But what I cannot deal with is this: a young woman dancing with a arrogant cockerel-resembling young man, he pushes her, she almost falls over, he laughs with his mates and gives her dirty looks, she gets up, brushes herself off, rearranges her hair, and then re-approaches the cockerel, dancing up on him once again whilst him and his self righteous mates laugh.

After all that women have fought for in the past, this is a let down to the female sex! I am aware that an increasing amount of women are slowly mutating into men, but letting a guy disrespect you like that - allowing him to behave this way (and probably continue doing so) - makes me feel sick to the stomach!

We've all watched The Jeremy Kyle Show, Maury or Jerry Springer. We all know that hilariously ridiculous situations do happen all the time - and it's just crazy! What's more to say but simply that "I pity you" and "please, please, at least use a condom"?

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  1. Wow, that's just sad. Talk about zero self-respect.
    Patricia xx