Friday, 15 April 2011

Everything that is wrong with society
When idiocy strikes, there's nothing stronger than Cilit Bang's new logic addition. These germs tend to be created by one sole master germ, or in other words 'the shit stirrer'. The shit stirrer's aim is to infect others with their own false views and constantly inject other - once friendly - germs to the same state of idiocy as that of their own.  

With the joining forces of the shit stirrer with fellow germs in tow, those fellow germs mutate into newly established shit stirrers, feeding off the shit stirrings of the main shit stirrer - and once elite shit stirrer status is accomplished, they have the ability to feast among fellow shit stirrers and create even more SHIT STIRRERS. Once infected, shit stirrers rarely revert back to their once 'friendly germ' state - and need severe chemicals to be eradicated.

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