Thursday, 14 April 2011

Trick of the mind

This may seem a silly question to some but, have you ever had a circumstance where you just think 'that's better off forgotten'? If you have, I can assure you that you ARE NOT alone. 

The mind is a wonderful place. It controls our moods number one; and without happiness - well, why live to be quite honest? 

It's also a fantastic place where I have recently discovered it's possible to actually alter what's kept in there and what goes out - similarly to an intelligent waste management system that I wish somebody could invent (I'm sick of all this 5000 recycling bin nonsense, but anyway). 

The mind is such a beautiful little (or big, maybe?!) thing, when something bad happens. I can whip the memories out of my brain in a shot. But then again, when something needs to be done, such as work or... more work, my mind does not work in my favour. 

Instead, it decides that it shall remove all thoughts of the hilarious abundance of work I've got right in front of my face. Now, of course I would rather been carrying out daily activities on my own accord - but when 'mind' decides it's got better things to think about (like chocolate) then off it goes.

Message to mind:
Please, please, make me do my work and make that work put a smile on my face, - whilst I'm doing it that is, not just afterwards... 

Now that, my friends, is something that I have yet to train my mind.

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