Wednesday, 13 April 2011

In fashion we trust

In a world full of fashionistas - where fashion following is part of some of our every day lives - we have to question, why? Why do we follow fashion?
After all that fashion has done to us - it's dressed us in some really ridiculous things in the past, it's told us that that orange was a good colour, that khaki combat trousers were cool. Seriously.

I for one spend many of my days scouring the Internet for the latest figure hugging dress, the push up bra, the bag thats suit the colour of my hair clip perfectly. We spend, we wear out, we spend again - all for one purpose - it makes us feel good! 

Fashion is a therapy. In the darkest of days the best thing a girl can possibly do is nip out to the nearest shop and buy THAT item. Even if it's just a pair of black flats (almost identical to ones we picked up last week) that item is just essential. It's a must have it situation.

Fashion is a luxury. Whether we like it or not, we will always buy into it. Keeping that pretty dress - that perfects our wardrobes but not our figure - for life, is our way of life. 

You could say it's a waste to our poor purses, the bank balances that we refuse to look at (because it's just too depressing) but it can brighten our days.

A personal recommendation from moi:

One of the best times for indulging in fashion is when you get ill. Those sick days no longer seem so drab, when you realise that you're saving money from not going out. You just know that as soon as you're better again, you'll have that extra wad of cash to splash! 

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