Friday, 15 April 2011

Singles Reviews
Cheryl Cole Promise This (Polydor). Cheryl Cole may have just about passed as a ‘singer’ with her last two singles ‘parachute’ and ‘fight for this love’, but a good choice of song won’t save her this time. The new single resembles hard house and arouses a vision of dancing French chipmunks on speed; not the ‘Oopsy Daisey’ singing Chipmunk that we’ve all grown to love, but the little critters that you find up a tree.

Enrique Iglesias `Heartbeat feat. Nicole Scherzinger (Polydor). While expectations are low for the over emotional, whiney Spaniard that is Enrique Iglesias – nothing has been done to change this perception of him quite yet. Likewise, Nicole Scherzinger fails to broaden her imagination. With her token breathless, orgasmic singing that could have been taken from an R-rated movie – she’s not a hit herself. 

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